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What is BorderTown Pro Wrestling?:

Border Town Pro Wrestling is an independent wrestling company based out of Fort Erie Ontario, Canada. At Border Town Pro Wrestling we want to bring back the SPORT of Professional Wrestling  NOT Sports Entertainment! For too long other companies have tried to insult your intelligence with "SuperMan Booking" and/or Hokey Characters, that will never happen here. Border Town Pro is all about Wrestling! We will never insult your intelligence, just entertain you with Professional Wrestling! After a BTW show you'll know you've gotten your money worth. Welcome back to the ERA of the Wrestler.     

What is the Adrenaline Division?:

The Adrenaline Division takes traditional wrestling and mixes it with fast paced, high-risk style of wrestling.


Is there a weight class?:

Unlike other divisions the Adrenaline Division has NO weight class just wrestling! 

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